A series of ongoing customer and contractor surveys are conducted confidentially, rating customer satisfaction.. These surveys are then evaluated to ensure that each member is keeping his or her customers thoroughly satisfied. Our members take these surveys with the utmost priority and care. There is nothing more important to a member than keeping customers happy. Failure of a member to do so could result in termination of membership.


In order to be eligible to become a member, each business must have (as applicable) current state and local licensing, be bonded and insured, and have workers compensation insurance. We are dedicated to making sure that all our member are operating both ethically and under the law. We will not stand for undesirable business practices or people.


Only the highest level of performance is accepted from every member. 5 Star Certification is earned through uncompromising values and ethical business practices. You can have confidence when dealing with a 5 Star member. There is no smoke and mirrors, no fraud, and no nonsense (well, maybe a couple of jokes here and there). The only goal of a 5 star member is to give the customer the best service possible and for the customer to leave knowing he or she picked the right place for the job.


We want to insure that every product or service of a 5 star member is of only the highest quality. Because of this, we offer a 60-day guarantee on all projects. We know each and every member will meet your needs, but just in case for some reason there is an issue, you have the 5 Star Guarantee at your disposal. This is yet another way 5 Star members show their customers they are the number one priority. See your 5 Star Certified member for specific details.


From the vast knowledge of each salesperson, to the professional attention to every aspect of your project, experience makes the difference from start to finish. Who is more trustworthy than someone who has been in the business for years and knows all the ins and outs of the trade? Every member has this experience, and it is one of the criteria that makes 5 Star members that much more reliable.