The Five Star Value certification process and requirements were founded in 2009 on the principle that being a certified business does not require your business to dip into the red. For many businesses, a several thousand dollar a year charge to be certified is simply outrageous.  This can be detrimental to a business because many times customers will put blind faith into a company that is certified and not even know why that company is certified the difference it makes. This is why 5 Star Value Certified was founded: being certified is incredibly value to your business and gives it instant credibility.

However, not anyone can just pay the dues and instantly become 5 Star Value certified to look good to customers. Each potential member must get through the audit process of becoming a member. But this is just the start. Each member must then continue to maintain all of the requirements and pass further audits that ensure his or her business is doing what is expected of a 5 Star member.

Audits are the reason each member even has to pay dues. These audits keep every single member honest and ensure that no 5 Star Value member is devaluing their certification. If we let anyone who could pay the money become certified without checking up on them and demanding a high level of performance from them, the certification would be rendered useless and lose its value.

All in all, 5 Star Value Certification exists to give those honest, hardworking business that can't afford ridiculous certification fees a chance to compete with those who can.